CHECKLIST: How to Plan For Talent Relocation

When you're thinking about growing your company internationally, one of the most critical decisions that need to be made is what employees will help build out this new operation?

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When you're thinking about growing your company internationally, one of the most critical decisions that need to be made is what employees will help build out this new operation? While it might seem tempting (and maybe even cheaper), bring on some locals at first glance; there may well come a time when bringing over current top performers from abroad makes sense. In other instances, though - where we want fresh perspectives with great potential, getting help from outside your operating country can be almost a necessity.

When considering staff relocation, it is essential to think about the best practices for relocating employees. For example:

- relocating people as soon as possible so they can get settled in before starting work; offer some assistance with finding housing and making friends at new places (e.g., introducing someone who may know somebody)

- develop a plan that takes into account each individual's needs while providing enough support from management if needed during this process.

Global talent mobility helps you manage your workforce more effectively to attract the best possible employees.

You may be surprised to learn that depending on where you currently operate; there could already exist talented individuals waiting in the wings who would love nothing more than taking up a position at your company.

Expanding out the search area or letting current employees transfer from one location to another will allow for this! If your job offers candidates job relocation assistance such as help to find places they can live while looking into new opportunities, these things increase their chances of wanting to be hired and make them far less hesitant about applying.

Hiring someone new is an exciting time for any company, but it can be even better if you take steps beforehand that help ensure the smooth transition of your most recent hire into their role. Creating a Staff relocation plan can provide just such a way to do this by making sure you have considered everything involved in relocating your talent.

Global mobility can be a great way to grow your company by allowing employees the opportunity for career development and moving up in their field. For instance, if management positions are available at an international office with better opportunities than what they currently have here but no local options - many people would likely prefer taking those jobs instead of starting over again from square one!

You can attract new talent or retain existing employees by choosing the correct location. If you want to open an office internationally, it should be in a place that people would love to move to; some factors include amenities like great restaurants and thriving social scenes where it is essential to consider outside of work factors for your staff as well as their work life.

What should you consider for team member relocation packages?

The international workplace is becoming more and more common, but many people still need convincing. Employers who want to send team members abroad often offer relocation packages that assist with covering expenses or helping adapt once they've made a move into a new country--and some examples include:

Assistance with work permits and visas

When employees move internationally for work, they will likely need a permit and visa that allow them permission to work in the new country. Getting these things can be complicated, so many people don't want to take on this responsibility themselves- Your company could offer advisory services or even handle all steps involved before your employee's transfer.

Moving Expenses Reimbursement

The cost of your new hire moving can add up, especially if employees take furniture and other personal belongings with them. Even though they might have left most things behind in their home country, some sort of packing will be required.  Companies typically offer reimbursement based on how far you're going (distance) and at what period it takes place during- which means every situation is different.

Help With Search For A House

Housing is a primary concern for international employees who are transferred to another country. Many companies offer relocation packages that include temporary housing and assistance finding an apartment or home once they arrive in their new location. In contrast, others pay the cost of travel with one specific agent so individuals can look through properties before deciding where to live permanently.

Help With Searching For Schools

If you have employees with children, they might be eligible for educational assistance. The relocation package can help find the right schools and tuitions that will cover their child's costs of attending another country where people speak a different language or even international school if moving overseas.

Helping With The Personal Things

The company will help its relocated employees settle in by providing lists of local supermarkets, doctor's offices and banks. It can also set up utilities for their new home and find the nearest post office so that everything is ready when they arrive in their new location.

Help With Language Skills

Businesses should consider including language lessons as part of their relocation package. In addition, they can offer these courses directly to employees who may need them for work interactions to be manageable and successful.

Help With Transportation

To get employees from their home country and new location, a company might have them fly in on a plane. The business usually covers the travel expenses, so they don't need any extra money for that purpose - but if not, travellers can plan by budgeting how much it will cost when buying tickets or renting cars while travelling abroad during working time.


Employees may find themselves with a more generous benefits package when they move abroad, depending on the laws in their destination country. For example, health or dental insurance covers employees while working internationally and provides paid time off.

Allowances for Cost of Living

To help employees transition into their new location, some companies offer cost of living allowances. The amount is usually determined by comparing what they would have made in their old location against how much it costs now for things like groceries or housing.

CHECKLIST: Manage The Employee Relocation Process

Here are some tips to keep bear in mind as your company transfers employees internationally.

Stay Focused on Your Business Goals

When relocating employees, it's essential to consider how their location will help meet company goals. For example, if an individual has industry experience in a particular area that could be beneficial for your business and there are no other locations within proximity where they work currently; maybe sending them on the road would make more sense than having him stay at home because of his level knowledge about this specific region.

Make Sure You're On top Of Visas and Permits

The process of obtaining the correct work visas can be complicated. It would help if you familiarized yourself with the requirements for any new country that your company plans on doing business to prepare and ensure success properly, both now and at later stages when employees may want or need transfers within their organization due to changes happening over time.

Each specific nation's type/classification system shapes what employment opportunities exist while also regulating how many foreigners are allowed into particular markets--it isn't always easy knowing where you'll fit into this puzzle.

Plan For The Relocation Costs

Consider the cost of relocating your employees when making offers. The expenses can add up, and it may not always be cheaper than hiring new workers in-country, so keep this into account if you're looking at moving people across borders or around town! Some expected relocation costs include:

Help With The Move

If budget allows - Hiring movers (these folks know how much stuff should weigh), storing belongings during transfer; Transporting personal property from one place to another--this includes both shipping containers which are used for international transport as well truck rentals while on-site pickups ensure nothing gets lost along the journey.

Make Your Offer

When you've calculated a budget for relocation and found the most suitable employees, it's time to put everything in writing. Offer letters should detail how long their assignment will last and what their role is with your company - this includes any reimbursements or cost-of-living allowances that may be offered alongside help getting visas if needed abroad.

Provide Your People With Ongoing Support

To make sure your employees are settled with their relocation, you must support them. You could introduce new team members or advise how best to settle in and get acquainted at their new workplace;  it's important to do everything possible, so these people feel welcome.

Best Practice for Employee Relocation

The international relocation process can be tricky, but there are best practices that will ensure both you and your employees have a clear understanding of what needs to happen. These steps also spare any confusion or error in the middle of such crucial procedures for both parties involved.

Tiered Compensation

What is your company's relocation incentives program like? There are many different ways to offer rewards and benefits, but it starts with how you structure the tier system. You might provide more perks for an executive who moves than someone at lower employment levels within that same office or branch--this would depend on what their role entails! To keep things simple, I recommend setting up clear cut packages based on job titles, so there aren't any questions about why certain people qualified differently from others during relocations conversations later down the road.

Managing both expatriation and repatriation

Getting the correct visa and permits is just the start of your immigration onboarding process. Your employees may also need to renew or cancel other visas or need other visa related assistance, depending on how long they'll be with you- so make sure that every employee knows when his or she expires! Alongside helping them get these needed papers, companies need to remind employees of upcoming expiration dates because we want our workers home safely after working in a new country.

Offer Family Support

When employees move abroad with their spouses or children, companies need to assist. This could include helping the spouse get work permits or connecting them in some way so that job-finding services are available locally if required and communicating any educational needs of children travelling internationally along these lines.

Be Flexible With Your Start Dates

Flights getting cancelled or travel plans changing with little warning can make it challenging to relocate employees. Being flexible about their start date also gives them time to settle in, which helps acclimate new hires more quickly and feel at home sooner rather than later.

This gives them more time before they start working to settle in and get acclimated with life at their new location.

Create A Buddy System

It's good to appoint someone as your "tour guide" who can show newly relocated employees around and take them from the store-to bank, utility company offices, or other service providers in their area.

What if your company isn't yet set up as an entity in a new country?

Global growth is an excellent way for your company to reach its goals and enter new international markets. However, establishing subsidiaries or entities in countries abroad comes at an expense that might make it difficult or financially unattainable if you're starting with expanding into different parts of the world - which makes Global Employer Of Record services perfect!

With this service, all employees are employed and paid through a third party company like Auxilium while still complying with local laws without having any other entities set up on top of what already exists.

How can Auxilium help?

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