Payroll Compliance in Qatar

Find out more about payroll compliance in Qatar, as well as how Auxilium’s Talent Management Platform can help your company navigate visa, payroll, and other HR processes in the GCC.

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Complying with national payroll regulations can be a complicated and time-consuming business, particularly for international companies deploying remote workforces in different countries and territories. Here we take a look at some of the regulations and processes specific to payroll compliance in Qatar.

Minimum Wage

The monthly minimum wage in Qatar is QAR 1,000. Employers must also pay allowances for food and housing if they do not provide employees with these directly.

Payment Frequency

Employees should be paid monthly or every two weeks, depending on the terms of their employment contract.

Salary Components

There are no mandatory salary components, but the most common fixed components include a basic salary, plus housing and travel allowances, while variable components will often include items such as overtime, commissions and productivity bonuses.

Working Hours

The maximum number of working hours is eight per day, and 44 per week. This reduces to six and 36 hours during Ramadan.

Gratuity Accrual

Gratuity is based on the final basic salary, and is calculated at 21 days per year of service, provided the employee has completed at least one year’s full service.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance cover is mandatory for all employees, and for the full duration of their employment.

Annual Leave

Employees are entitled to annual leave once they have completed a full continuous year of service. Annual leave is calculated against years of service, with a minimum of 3 weeks leave up to 5 years’ service and 4 weeks beyond 5 years.

Sick Leave

Employees are eligible for paid sick leave after three months service, on a sliding scale, based on basic salary, and according to the length of absence.

Wage Protection System

WPS is the mandatory electronic system introduced by Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, in collaboration with Qatar Central Bank, that ensures that all private companies pay their employees on time and compliantly.

Auxilium’s Talent Management Platform

Auxilium has developed a bespoke platform that is specifically tailored for employers in the GCC Region. The Platform can manage and track every type of visa and onboarding process that exists in the region, giving employers clear oversight of individual employee status, together with detailed information on payroll, compliance, and document management.

The payroll management system within the platform ensures compliance with all payroll regulations, applicable in each nation within the GCC. It also gives detailed information on monthly payroll calculations, including, salaries, overtime, leave and expenses. The platform issues payrolls in draft format, allowing for consolidation and approval, before final schedules are submitted.

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